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sites is our premium rugby website.

It is one of our newer websites and focuses on all facets of rugby. Every major tournament and every major team has their own dedicated section filled with all of the latest news on that topic.

User can visit the site once a week and be kept fully up to date with the latest news on the tournament of their choice and at the same time scan the latest news in other tournaments that they do not follow as closely.

Every major international rugby team has a dedicated news section and the site reports on every team that participates in the Heineken Cup and the Super 14. It has dedicated sections for all of the major rugby tournaments such as the Six Nations and the TriNations.

The website has an exciting feature where next to every news article, above the fold there is a section which displays the latest tournament news. What makes this feature unique is that the display of each tournament section is random so the user almost never gets the same tournament news featured twice.

If a user arrives at the website looking for Super 14 news they will see the latest headlines for the TriNations for instance this increases the users interest in all facets of rugby.

With each new article being displayed a new tournament section is shown on the right hand side of the page allowing the user to be kept up to date with all current rugby news by simply scanning the latest headlines of each tournament.

Beneath the rugby tournament section is a column which displays the lastest 20 articles. As the site is constantly updated and covers all rugby, news articles could easily pass through the latest news column relatively quickly so the random tournament feature allows the user to scan the latest tournament news should they have not been able to visit the website earlier in the week.

This all encompassing site was born in November 2007 shortly after the Rugby World cup in France.

There is a ticket section and a comprehensive rugby shop filled with rugby products from around the world.


Click HERE to visit the site now.

To find out more info on or to advertise on the website please contact us.

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