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Sports Digital Media
Sports Digital Media is the Super Community for our group of synergy sites. Through a series of interactive web-based content sites and services, Sports Digital Media offers access to an online world of sport, news, entertainment, careers and online distribution. By embracing revolutionary technology, developed by Sports Digital Media, our collection of sites help you to find the information you need fast.
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  banner ad

Sports digital media operates a number of websites and most of these need banner rotation and serving. Through our marketing site we serve all banners on our network of sites.

In addition to our network banner ad we serve banner ads for third parties. Features that we offer are as follows.

Geo Tracking
Day Specific display
Time Specific display
Limited repetition
Targeted Campaigns
Campaign Reports
Customer Specific on request

  To discuss how we can assist you with serving banners on your site(s) utilising our bandwidth kindly contact us to discuss how we can save you money and increase your productivity.
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